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      With the 1.2.7 release of the Radix VISO APK, we’ve added multi-user support, and resolved issues with Wake-on-LAN, firmware updates, and Wi-Fi certificates. Administrators who are using Radix VISO to manage their ActivPanels can expect to receive a notification that they should update to the new version of the Radix APK.


      • The Radix VISO integration now supports multiple users on Promethean ActivPanels.
        • Administrators who have created multiple user profiles on ActivPanels can now send applications or messages to individual ActivPanel user profiles from the Radix console.
        • To ensure optimum performance on ActivPanels with multiple user profiles, we recommend that administrators send application packages to user profiles at times when the panel is not in use, such as overnight.
        • Additional details about this feature are available in article 1832 on our Support website.
        • Please send feedback on the multi-user feature to

      Bug fixes

      • Administrators can now send a Wake-on-LAN request at any time, including after sending a shutdown command, and the panel will wake up.
      • We fixed a bug where the Radix console occasionally showed that a firmware update was pending even though it had been successfully installed on the panel.
      • Wi-Fi certificates can now be installed without encountering an error message about the service control manager.



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