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    I recently purchased a used table. Everything works, and I can login under the previous account and use everything.  I would like to reset it to factory to set the table up under a new username and password, and remove from the old domain it is on.  I read through the factory reset instructions, and it seems straight forward, but I do not have a product code.  Is the code saved somewhere in the setting or is there a way to retrieve it? 

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    The reset of our ActivTable hardware does not require the entry of any Product Code information.

    The below articles from our support page will detail the steps in performing a Factory Reset on an ActivTable, depending on the Product code on that Table:


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    The last step is to follow the quick start guide. In the Guide it states you enter the product key. I just want to make sure that once I start the process I do not get stuck and cannot complete it. 
    What is the “product key”? 

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    The reset process for the ActivTable will not require that entry; that step in the guide may be disregarded.

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    Thank you, I will update later with the results. 

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    Finished resetting. But it did not give me the opportunity to set a password for windows. The activtable user works, but without getting to windows I cannot set the internet and update the system.  Is there a generic windows password after resetting to factory. It also does not give the exit option when leaving the activtable user, only log off and shutdown. 

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    Hi jaredlee87,

    Thank you for your reply.

    If you select log off, this will then give you the option to log on to the Windows OS.
    The default password is ‘activtable’, please try this and let us know if you need any further assistance.

    Kind regards,
    Promethean Technical Support

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