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      As a Kindergarten teacher, I was excited to learn how to [remove] marquee handles from selected objects within settings. I have religiously chose {CAN SIZE = no} in countless lessons to prevent the wave of giggles that ripple once a misplaced drag occurs. I have made/shared numerous flipcharts across my district and know firsthand the importance of proper “creating” prior to implementing an ACTIVboard lesson.

      Now that my classroom has received a touch-board, I have found that restrictors are not only limited to sizing, but rotation as well. Little hands are inadvertently spinning objects across the slide. There are a few district-level shared flipcharts that I began using, but found the creator did not use any restrictors. Therefore, I just use my own now. But with the NEW touch board, I hoped that by turning off the marquee handles…that might “override” the restrictors. (tear) Not so much.

      Besides going back and editing, hundreds of lessons. Is there a way to touch the board and not worry about rotation? Am I limited to only use the PEN and have the Marquee Handles turned off?

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      Thanks for your post,

      Your case reference number: 00489538

      Can you let us know which board model you have to ensure we give you the correct information?


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      It is one of the newer boards.  Product Code: ABV587PRO  It is touch/pen capable.

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      At this time, there is
      not a setting in the software to disallow the rotation or sizing of objects en
      masse in a given flipchart or automatically disallow those options for objects
      in any flipcharts opened in the software. 
      Each object you wish to restrict in this manner would have to be manually
      set in the Property Browser by changing the “Can Rotate” option (under ‘Rotate’)
      and “Can Size” (under ‘Restrictors’) options to ‘No’.


      (Support Case

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