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      Becky DoddBecky Dodd

      When I enter the activation code for screen share on my ipad pro and click ‘START SCREEN SHARE’, it goes strait to ‘broadcasting’

      The device is not connected to activ panel.  My name is NOT in the ‘waiting room.’  Also there is no “touch back’ option on my ipad screen.

      Hardeman County TN could definately use ‘in person’ training for these new panels we’ve purchased.  The panel seems nice, but extremely frustrating learning ‘trial and error.’

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      Hello Becky,

      Thank you for contacting Promethean Technical Support.

      To solve any connection issues when sharing content via Screen Share, please make sure both the sender and receiver devices are connected to the Internet and the Screen Share app is up-to-date, as well as the ActivPanel software.

      Is this issue only happening on this iPad and ActivPanel? Are they on the same network?

      Please, refer to the following article for guidance on network considerations when using Promethean products:

      Do you have the same issue if you try to connect via AirPlay? Have you tested other devices, e.g., computers or smartphones?

      Please, also refer to this article for details on Screen Share: The touch back feature is only available on Mac and Windows.

      If you require more details on how to use our ActivPanels, please visit our website, where you can also schedule demos:

      We look forward to hearing from you.

      Kind regards,


      Promethean Technical Support

Viewing 1 reply thread
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