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      Tom WoecknerTom Woeckner



      We are experiencing issues with getting screen share to work with our HP laptops and the panel.

      When we go to enter the panel ID after a few minutes we get an error back that the panel id is not correct. It is the correct id.

      If we connect the Panel via Ethernet to our network this issue does not happen. We have an Cisco wireless network could there be something that would not allow this to work? It was working fine yesterday but today none of my teachers could get it to work.  One thing to note is that the screen share extension in chrome works fine with no issues.

      The firmware of the board we are testing on is  says it is current and no updates available.

      Laptop is an HP ProBook 450 g3 running Windows 10.

      Is there a new version of the screen share that would clear this up?


      Tom Woeckner

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      paul Martinpaul Martin



      Having the exact same issue with numerous teachers unable to connect via the same laptop, HP Probook 450 g3 to our promethean boards. We have refreshed numerous times only to get the panel ID is not correct. This has been happening frequently over the last couple of weeks.


      Any suggestions?


      Paul Martin

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      Emily ClarkEmily Clark


      We are also experiencing this problem.  Does anyone have a working solution for this?



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      David StuartDavid Stuart

      We have been experiencing the same problem in the last week or so with a panel id error message whenever we enter the id number of the screen. HP Surface Pro.

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      Hello All,

      Thank you for contacting Promethean Technical Support.

      To solve any connection issues when sharing content via Screen Share, please make sure both the sender and receiver devices are connected to the Internet and the Screen Share app is up-to-date, as well as the ActivPanel software.

      The latest versions of the Screen Share app for Windows and Screen Share Chrome extension can be downloaded from this page:

      Please, also refer to the following article for guidance on network considerations when using Promethean products:

      Does this issue only occur with these computers? If you try to share content from different devices, do you have the same issue?

      We are aware of issues with Screen Share that were solved by a fix deployed a few hours ago. If you continue having issues, please contact us directly from this page and we will provide further assistance.

      Thank you and kind regards,

      Kind regards,


      Promethean Technical Support

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      paul Martinpaul Martin

      All of our boards and laptops are up to date along with screen share app. Still having issues. How was this fix deployed? Is it a promethean app update or chrome update?

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      Paul PrometheanPaul Promethean

      Hi Paul,

      The issue was on the back end of ScreenShare so there is nothing that needs to be changed on your end.  Was it working for you correctly before this?

      We look forward to your reply.

      Kind regards,


      Promethean Technical Support

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