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      Amber TaylorAmber Taylor

      I have tried using both the screen share app and the screen share Chrome extension and neither work when trying to show a video on HBO Max. The video plays normally on my screen, but only the captions show on the Promethean Board. I tried using the HBO Max app and it will not work unless I update Google Play, which I have not done as Google Play is not on the device and I cannot figure out to install it. I also tried to just log-in to HBO Max through Chromium and the log-in screen will never load.

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      James PrometheanJames Promethean

      Hi Amber,

      Thanks for your post.

      We will be contacting you by email to discuss this issue further.




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      Ryan Van DolsonRyan Van Dolson


      I am having a similar issue with two boards.  One teacher was trying to show a video from Amazon Prime via her laptop and screen sharing.  She was able to see the video on her laptop but not the Promethean board.  A second teacher today had a similar issue, but with Disney+ instead of Amazon.  Furthermore, this second teacher was able to show YouTube videos from her laptop on the Promethean board, just not Disney+.

      Can you help?  It would be nice if the help you gave Amber could be posted in post so that others in the community can learn.

      Thank you!

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      Lisa WardLisa Ward


      I am also having the same problem.  Can you help me too?  Thanks so much!

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      Hi All,

      The reason you are all seeing this is because Screen Share doesn’t carry HDCP

      HDCP is a copyright check that most major content providers such as Disney +, Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO Max etc require in order that users can see their copyrighted content correctly.

      One way around this might be to try the below:

      1. Launch your browser.
      2. Sign into whatever service you are trying to us.
      3. Select and start playing the video you want to use.
      4. Launch Screen Share
      5. Connect to Screen Share

      By carrying out the above this will have your provider carry out the HDCP check before Screen share is launched, meaning it should then work.

      Failing that, all HDMI connections carry HDCP checking within them, and that should be used really as it is the most reliable for streaming video content in HD or 4K.



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