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      Alyssa FaileyAlyssa Failey


      Recently, I have been unable to use the screen sharing app with my Promethean Board. I use the chrome extension, which is uninstalled and reinstalled. I have clear the data for the app on my board and made sure that my board and windows computer are on the same network.

      When I go to screen share, the chrome extension app says that I am currently in the waiting room but my device doesn’t show up in the waiting room. Most recently, the app won’t recognize the current Panel ID but it will for an old ID number.


      Thank you for any help.


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      Hi Alyssa,

      Thanks for posting.

      Can you let us know what you are using Screen Share on? Is this on the OPS-G or on the ActivPanel Elements?

      We are aware of some current issues with the OPS-G Screen Share app with the Google Chrome extension not working, please let us know if you’re using the OPS-G.

      In this instance, you’ve mentioned using a Windows computer, we’d recommend using the Windows Screen Share application which will have no issues.

      If you’re using the ActivPanel Elements, please try the Windows Screen Share app and let us know if this helps with the issue too.

      You can download this from

      If you find this helps, you may need to allow additional ports on the network per our network consideration article:


      I hope this information helps.






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