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      I have two problems with my activpanels.

      1. I am using activinspire software with activpanel titanium model. ScreenShare app is lagging so badly.

      Is there a fix for this one? If not, is there any other app that could be used?

      I paid tons of money, just to be able to use activboard wireless. It’s really annoying that I can’t use screen share effectively.

      2) I use area snapshot tool under the camera options. When I take a snapshot, the panel immediately starts to make a static noise. It doesn’t go away until I make another area snapshot.


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      Thanks for posting.

      As Screen Share uses the internet, if you are experiencing a lag between the interaction that is quite bad, then this could be in relation to this.
      It is worth noting, that ActivInspire has been designed to be used by connecting to your device via USB/HDMI rather than being mirrored via Screen Share, as this will be a smooth writing experience due to the direct connection and not relying on the network speeds to mirror.

      When you use the Area Snapshot tool which causes your static noise, are you using Screen Share when this happens?
      If so, we are aware of an issue with sharing sound via the Screen Share app which can cause this static noise you hear. It is because ActivInspire plays a camera “click” sound when you use the Camera tool, this will be replicated via the bug that we are currently aware of.

      Our development team are looking into a fix for this.

      kind regards,


      Promethean Support


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      Yes, you are right. It happens when I use screen share with snapshot.

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      for the lag though, my internet is pretty fast. It’s actually a business package for multiple users,devices, etc..

      I think you should come up with a solution to this lagging issue.

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