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      We have had to replace the box on the back of one of our boards for this issue before. Another board is spiking on touch. Drivers up to date, swapped computers, swapped pens, swapped tips, swapped cables. Still spikes. Can we please order a replacement piece?

      SN: 0815042005

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      The How to Buy page on Promethean World has a couple of options available for contacting a Promethean salesperson to enquire about the pricing and availability of electronics for that board.

      Clicking on the ‘Buy a Solution’ button on that page will not only list a direct number to our Sales Team (1-888-652-2848. Option2), but also (at the bottom of the page) a ‘Find a Reseller’ sections will allow you to set a drop-down for your country and state to search for a more local reseller who may be able to assist with that purchase.

      (Support Case 00632002)

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