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      I am trying to use my pen on my surface Pro 3 using the ActivInspire software.  The pen works for drawing in the software but it doesn’t function how the pen usually functions.  What I mean by that is that when I use my pen in OneNote for example, the tip of the pen writes and the end of the pen is the erase function.  Also, when my hand touches the screen, it does not write.  However, in ActivInspire, my pen acts the same way that my finger would act; it only does the function that is selected from the menu button (write, erase etc).  Also, when my hand touches my screen as I’m trying to write with my pen, it writes in ink where my hand touched.  It’s very hard to write with a pen and not have my hand touch the surface of the screen.  And it is annoying to have to select the eraser button instead of just flipping my pen around to use the eraser function of the pen.  Please let me know if there are any settings that I could use that would make the Surface Pro 3 pen more functional with ActivInspire. 

      Thank you!

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      Hello vbegat,

      Thank you for your post. 

      To help us look into the issue can you please confirm what version of ActivDriver and Inspire you are using? You will need the very latest installed. I have provided links for both below:

      Are you using Windows 10?  Can you please take a look at the settings in ActivInspire. Please open ActivInspire and go to File > Settings > Dual mode ActivBoard and ensure you have the first option set as touch and ActivPen, second option as Default and third option as OS compatible.

      Is the ActivDriver set for Tablet or Pen?

      Thank you,


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