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      Jordan KasparekJordan Kasparek

      Since a lot of people like me are also having this issue within your district I have found a temporary solution that should stop this issue from occurring.

      It seems that ActivManager freezes up when you plug in your laptop if the amp on the side is on, to fix this:

      • After you unplug your laptop from the board turn off the amp on the side (light should be red)
      • After you plug your laptop back into the board turn the amp back on (light should be green)

      This should stop ActivManager from freezing for the time being until it is permanently fixed

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      Kyle BisignaniKyle Bisignani

      Hi Jordan,


      This is actually being discussed and may be resolved as per this thread:

      Firmware Upgrade

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      Hi Jordan Kasparek,

      Thanks for your post.

      We are currently looking into the issues raised on the related thread that Kyle mentioned.


      Promethean Support

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      anne gillespieanne gillespie

      Since I’ve applied the firmware fix my activinspire shuts itself down constantly , My interactive pens work at time and at times my board only works by touch ! It’s really very frustrating ‘Are there any fixes for the fix??

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      Hi Anne,

      I suspect this is going to be a separate issue for your ActivInspire software to that of what has previously been mentioned.

      Are you getting the same issue with another known working computer?

      Kind regards,

      Promethean Support

Viewing 4 reply threads
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