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      On one of the whiteboards the text boxes seem to ‘contract’ and crop the botton half of all lines of text text strangely when I open flipcharts previously saved on another PC.

      So far I’ve:

      Updated both affected and unaffected PCs to latest version of ActivInspire (2.4.66096)
      Changed the resolution of the projector both up and down.
      Tried different fonts and sizes
      Uninstalled and reinstalled ActiveInspire.

      Double clicking the boxes causes them to snap back to proper size without clipping the text but doing that on every box on every page is… Not good.

      Screenshot here:

      And after doubleclicking the textbox.

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      Prior to opening the flipchart on an affected computer,
      please look to Windows’ Control Panel for the computer’s display settings (like
      found under “Appearance and Personalization”). 
      In those setting will be an option for text scaling, pictured below:



      Make sure that setting is at 100%, instead of any larger
      setting.  This setting, in addition to
      the “Set custom text size” to the left, will have the best effect on how test
      objects will look with higher-resolution displays in use.


      Please let us know if this helps or if we can answer anything


      (Support Case 00576583)

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