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      Tammy CruzTammy Cruz

      Good afternoon.  We cannot get the Unified Menu back on the Titanium Panel. Can you please let us know what you would do to resolve this?  I do not see anything on the Promethean thread for community. (Image redacted by Promethean Technical Support)

      The teacher can access the locker using the center console.

      I have attached her panel I.D. in the jpg.

      She also lost her Google Credentials on her panel today and re-added them.  None of her folders were visible for Google.

      The panel is up to date.

      Thank you for any suggestions.


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      Hello Tammy,

      Thank you for your post to our Forum.

      It is possible that the Unified Menu has become disabled, and that is why you can only access it by using the Flame button. To remedy this, simply open the Locker > Settings > Display and toggle “Unified Menu” back to the ON position.

      Does this allow you to access the Unified Menu on the home screen of the ActivPanel without pressing the button?

      In regards to the Google documents disappearing, do you have Google Services enabled on these ActivPanels through Panel Management?

      Kind regards,


      Promethean Technical Support

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