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      Layne HeinyLayne Heiny


      I have a Google slide that needs to remain projected on a Promethean Titanium board (merged OS) for the remaining part of a class period. This works for periods 1 and 2 but no longer will stay projected after period 2. Instead, the board flips between merged OS and not merged … creating a loop of showing the different screensavers. I reset to show the slide and the loop happens after a minute.

      It looks like the searching for “Serial Number” happens and so I’m not sure if there is a network issue. We had to whitelist to get the merge to work. Is there something more necessary because the merge doesn’t appear to “stick” after period 2?  Is there a setting that needs to be done that maybe has been missed?

      Update: A System UI has stopped message appears. Rebooting doesn’t seem to help.

      ActivPanel AP7_B75


      Bezel Firmware

      OS: 8.0.0



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      Hi Layne Heiny,

      Can you help to confirm where you are using the Google Slide application from?

      Is this from a downloaded app on the OPS-G or Chromebox that is integrated with the ActivPanel?

      It is possible that this could relate to the drop in connection if your app has been integrated from a OPS-G or Chromebox.

      I look forward to your reply.

      Kind regards,

      Promethean Support

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      Layne HeinyLayne Heiny

      I’ve been answering in another thread regarding integration failing. Whenever a heavy load is used on the board then integration fails, the open app goes away, then I have to wait and integration might reconnect and then relaunch the app.

      Firmware upgrades, factory resets, clearing cache have not helped.

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      Hi Layne,

      Thanks for posting.

      This isn’t something I’m familiar with or have seen before.

      Are you able to provide a short video that shows what is happening so that we can test and try to replicate this?

      Please upload the video to the link below and let us know once this has been uploaded:

      Is the OPS integrated over WIFI or using an Ethernet connection? At any point does the WIFI disconnect?

      Is this issue happening on one specific ActivPanel?



      Promethean Support


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