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      Jason SalasJason Salas

      New Promethean user here…recently got Flat Panels mounted and going, etc…

      I am going to be doing some training with the teachers soon, and I know there are options with how to use the device…

      A) With OPS wireless and putting content in the cloud through ClassFlow or creating content on Whiteboard…

      B) Connecting with HDMI/USB touch cable from laptop to ActivPanel…etc.

      A few questions to confirm whatever happens when I test today…

      1. Since previously a Smartboard school…will Notebook lessons be interactive by going with connection “B” outlined above?
      2. If we download the Google Drive App, with option “A” will that content be downloadable and interactive as well? Including Smart notebook lessons?
      3. If going with option “A” are there many pre-made lessons on Classflow that can be used for free?  If you create a Flipchart…can it be stored on the cloud and retrieved from the cloud, etc so no wires needed?

      Just a new user here to Promethean World and looking for some best practices.  Any articles/videos would be appreciated.


      Thanks so much!

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      Hi Jason Salas,

      Thanks for posting.

      To answer question 1, this should work no different to how you previously used your Smartboard, they may be different settings for their software to make the most out of it.

      Question 2, providing that there is also a compatible app for Android to open the files then this should work.

      Question 3, they are dozens of pre-made lessons on ClassFlow, these can be found in the Marketplace. You can also convert your smart notebook files into lessons within ClassFlow. Although this will need to be done where your files are stored, either in the cloud or from a computer. A short video can be found here.

      I hope this information helps.
      Kind regards,
      Promethean Support

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