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      I am trying to figure out which version of Inspire is on the computers at my school. I do not think they are the most recent version since they do not have the Classflow button. I did try to update through the dashboard, but there is no link, “check for updates”, when I click on the Configure tab. How, then do I update Activinspire? The computers have been updated to Windows 7.

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      Amy, ignore ActivInspire’s Dashboard for the moment. In the Windows version, click the Help pull-down menu, and then About (in the Mac version, it’s ActivInspire> About ActivInspire). The resulting dialogue box should tell you your version. But the Help menu should also offer Check for Updates, to check your version against what is most current. Do you see Check for Updates there?

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      Geno is correct in
      that the version of ActivInspire installed in Windows can be determined by
      looking in the ‘Help’ menu, under ‘About’. 
      The version number will be printed in bold type across the top of the
      window that appears.  You can also reference Windows’ ‘Programs and Features’ list from the Control Panel for that information, as well.


      In any event, the
      latest version of the ActivInspire software and the ActivDriver (version numbers
      2.3 and 5.10 respectively, as of this post) can be downloaded from this
      on Promethean Planet, should the Check for Updates option be either
      unavailable or not working properly.

      (Support Case

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