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      Courtney BolinCourtney Bolin

      I have a Interactive Whiteboard System. (My Whiteboard is mounted and the projector is attached to a protruding arm.) I have been unable to figure out what type it is to search for fixes.

      Issue 1:
      My screen is very faint. I am having to turn off all of my classroom lights and close my window to even be able to read it most of the time. I cannot figure out how to clean the filter. The bulb is less than a year old.

      Issue 2: I cannot calibrate my screen. When I choose the option to calibrate the normal screen comes up; however, the projector is showing up about 6 inches below the whiteboard. The top is lined up correctly. This also occurs where it is too far to the left and fine on the right. Since it is not on the screen, I am not able to touch the pen to it.

      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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      Hi Courtney,

      Thank you for posting on the Support Community.

      With regard to the issues that you have raised it sounds like the projectors lamp is showing signs of an aging lamp and this is why the image is weaker.
      We would recommend testing another known working lamp and see if this helps with the issue.

      For the calibration issue you would need to get your image aligned within the ActivBoard.
      Best practice of aligning the image would be too align the projector with no source connected so that it is showing the splash screen. Providing this is still within the surface of the ActivBoard, connect your VGA/HDMI cable, if the image alignment changes you may need to adjust your screen resolution settings.
      Please refer to article 10418 on for further information.

      I hope this information helps.

      Kind regards,
      Promethean Technical Support

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