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      When writing on board and then trying to make corrections, the board does not undo in correct order

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      Hi Rhonda, 

      Can you take me through the steps? 
      Which software are you using and by what method are you erasing?  

      Please can you provide the following so we can test it ourselves: 
      1. Operating system of your computer
      2. Version of the software you are using 
      3. Type of board (Product Code, do not post your serial number online) . 

      Alternatively, feel free to ring our Tech Support, your reference number is 00464330

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      The teacher has the students write on the board with the pen, then she makes corrections.  When she tries to erase, using the undo button on the toolbar, the last item it often erases dots on i’s and crosses on t’s that are randomly selected and are not the last item written.

       We are using Windows 7 64 bit.

      ActivInspire v1/version 1.8.64868


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      Hi Rhonda, 

      Thank your getting back to me with this info. 
      Please update your ActivInspire to the latest version, I am posting a link to our Planet Website for convenience here
      Make sure your board is unplugged during the installation as it will also update your board driver and it shouldn’t be in use whilst doing this. 

      Do let us know if you still have any trouble after this. 


Viewing 3 reply threads
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