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      Kimberly PageKimberly Page

      My board is not responding to touch. I read through some of the suggested comments and downloaded the latest driver. Even after disconnecting the power for 10 minutes, I ́m getting the same message regarding the USB device connection, the board still doesn’t respond to touch, and there is still a red cross on the ActivManager icon. Is there anything else that I can try? I have an ActivPanel.

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      To help us understand what may be happening in this case, kindly
      confirm the Product Code on the Panel, the Operating System on the computer in use
      with the Panel, and the version of ActivDriver installed on that computer
      (click on the ActivManager Icon and choose ‘Control Panel’.  Look at the bottom of the window for a
      copyright date: the version of ActivDriver installed will follow that date)


      Also, is the same lack of response seen when using a
      different computer with this Panel?


      (Support Case 00560037)

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      Hi Jarrad,
      I am also having this issue. I am running an Windows 8.1 Laptop on an ActivPanel Touch 65″, S/N: [removed by Promethean]. The laptop has ActivDriver version 5.11.7.
      Once the USB cable is plugged into the laptop and the ActivPanel is turned on, the laptop will then recognise that there is a device plugged in but will be unable to recognise it, then the device drops off the laptop altogether, only for it to then reappear as a new device that the laptop cannot recognise, effectively causing an endless loop of “Device has been plugged in” sounds and “Device has been unplugged” sounds.
      To make sure the ActivPanels were still working, I also tested it on another laptop, this one running Windows 7, with ActivDriver version 5.9.27. The Windows 7 laptop recognises the ActivPanel however it is not recognised in ActivManager but it accept touch input
      Tim Varley

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      Thank you for your post.

      Can you confirm which type of USB ports are being used? Are they USB 2.0 or 3.0?

      Also how long is the USB cable from the computer to the ActivPanel Touch?

      Thank you

      Promethean Technical Support

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      Hi Miguel,

      Sorry for the late reply, the USB ports are 2.0 and the length of the USB cable is 3m



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