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      Joe ParkJoe Park

      Hi all,

      A heads up, mainboard firmware cause our Nickel 75′ boards to display dual images on the board., and therefore made the touch unusable.   The fix was a rollback to 4.1.

      It would be WONDERFUL if Promethean would allow us to choose the mainboard firmware we want to update to from the online portal.  Could that be possible in the future?

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      Adam H PrometheanAdam H Promethean
      Senior Moderator

      Hi Joe,

      Thanks for your post. Our development team is already aware of this issue and as a result, it’s no longer possible for customers to update to 4.3 for Nickel or Cobalt ActivPanels.

      With regards to your question, we don’t currently host different mainboard firmware versions online for customers to choose from. This is because we only support the latest version available and also because we don’t want customers to install the incorrect file for their ActivPanel and cause potential damage.

      Kind regards,
      Adam H

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