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      ActivBoard 100, 300 AB500 Firmware now released

      As part of Promethean’s commitment to our existing customers using our legacy ActivBoard products, we have been extensively investigating a number of solutions for this issue.

      A major part of this investigation centered around driver certification for these legacy products on Windows 10.

      “Blue Screen” occurs with Promethean AC1, AC2, or ActivHub on Windows build 1903 and above

      These products were first introduced over a decade ago.

      We have found that in some instances the use of a these products when connected to a computer running Windows 10 1903 and above can cause a “Blue screen” crash.

      As part of Promethean’s commitment to our existing customers using our legacy products, we have been extensively investigating potential solutions to this issue. A major part of this investigation centred around driver certification for this legacy product on Windows 10 build 1903 and above.

      Two certificates have a major impact on the operation of the products:

      • A code signing certificate lets users know that the software comes from a ‘trusted source’. Our installers, including ActivInspire & ActivDriver, are signed with a code signing certificate.  Our certificate that provides this did recently expire, and was renewed.
      • A hardware device driver certificate is provided by Microsoft and is embedded into third party kernel mode device drivers, and allows the driver to be run without any of the driver certification protection being turned off.
        Windows 10 1903 has introduced a different way of communicating with the kernel mode device drivers which form the core of our ActivDriver is when it is being used with all of our legacy ActivBoards and ActivHubs. The technology limitations of the ActivHub combined with the new certification, makes it impossible to achieve device driver certification.

      Despite our best endeavours, this change introduced in Windows 10 build 1903 means Promethean can no longer offer support for drivers or software for our AC1, AC2 or ActivHubs when used with Windows 10 build 1903 and above.

      What alternative does Promethean offer?

      To try to help our long time users of these legacy products, we have produced a modified ActivDriver that appears to avoid the blue screen problem when used with our legacy ActivHub. However this driver is not supported by Promethean. Promethean has not put this modified driver through normal formal testing and quality assurance procedures. Therefore installation and use of this ActivDriver is entirely at your own risk. We cannot guarantee that the download and installation of this unsupported driver will fix the problem and we also cannot guarantee that the installation and download of this driver will not have other unintended consequences. As such, we recommend that you test this unsupported driver in your local environment before making a decision to roll it out broadly.

      IMPORTANT:  If you wish to access this unsupported ActivDriver please use the details below.

      The link to the unsupported ActivDriver is here:

      64 bit
      32 bit


      The use of this unsupported ActivDriver may require you to perform one of the additional options detailed below in order to get a successful connection to your ActivBoards after the installation.

      Option 1: Disable  ‘Secure Boot’ in your computer BIOS if it is supported by your computer/ operating system.

      Option 2: Disable driver signature enforcement within Windows 10.

      ·        Click the Start menu and select Settings.

      ·        Click Update and Security.

      ·        Click on Recovery.

      ·        Click Restart now under Advanced Startup.

      ·        Click Troubleshoot.

      ·        Click Advanced options.

      ·        Click Startup Settings.

      ·        Click on Restart.

      ·        On the Startup Settings screen press 7 or F7 to disable driver signature enforcement.


      Users of 100 series, 300 series and 500 series ActivBoards

      A new version of ActivBoard firmware is now available for these ActivBoards that fixes the problem. Details on how to update your ActivBoard to this firmware are contained within the following support article:

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      Our computers are set to Secure Boot with BitLocker encryption enabled due to our new data privacy/security law.  Started the process on one laptop but we hit with entering the BitLocker key. Has this process been tested with such a system.

      REALLY could use a signed driver and any new firmware for the boards sooner instead of later. Have three more users reporting the problem.

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        Hi stephenlawJSRHS,

        As described above, Promethean cannot release a signed hardware driver that will resolve this problem.

        We are only going to be offering a firmware update for AB100, AB300 and AB500 users.

        This is due to the technology limitations in the 1st and 2nd generations ActivBoards, meaning we cannot develop a new firmware for these boards.


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        “Users of AB100, 300/ AB500 will be getting access to a firmware update which will resolve the problem.” Any update when this will be released? Hopefully sooner than the end of October?

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        Hi Henriksen,

        We hope to have further information on this soon.

        Once we have this, we will be sure to let the community know.

        Kind regards,

        Promethean Support

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      Steve WSteve W

      As it’s been a few weeks, do you have any updates on this firmware?

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        Hi Steven

        The firmware is is still undergoing verification prior to release.

        We are still currently targeting this firmware being released for 100 series, 300 series and AB500 ActivBoards before the month is up.


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      Amy GoebelAmy Goebel

      Are you working on this for MacOS as well?

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        Hi Amy…this thread and updates are only applicable for Windows 10 1903 users and an issue that Microsoft changes have introduced.
        If you have specific issues with macOS please contact our support team with full details.


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        Amy GoebelAmy Goebel

        I have but I haven’t heard a response.

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      Javier AlonsoperezJavier Alonsoperez

      Hi my name is Javier, we need to know if at today did you have a solution for these case.

      I have an ActiveBoard AB100 first generation.


      I try to implement this solution  in my Acer Aspire E15-576-81GD

      Bios Release 1.49

      Windows 10 release 1903

      I can’t back the soft of windows to the previous release.

      Thanks in advance.



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        Hi Javier,

        The part code you have provided is not part of the 1st Generation ActivBoard range though is part of the 100 series range.

        If you are experiencing the same issues as outlined in this thread, we are still currently targeting this firmware being released for 100 series, 300 series and AB500 ActivBoards before the month is up to help with this issue.

        Promethean Support

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      Javier AlonsoperezJavier Alonsoperez

      if I can found a computer with windows 7, it’s could works? I mean if I can block the update of windows 10 in order to works as never the update of windows 10 took place?

      what is the limitation of the total system in this case?

      we have to work in the meantime,

      best regards



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        Hi Javier,

        This issue only affects the ActivBoards when using Windows 10 build 1903.

        So if you have a Windows 7 operating system, you would not get the same errors that happen.


        Promethean Support


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      Adam VeatchAdam Veatch

      Today’s the day. Any updates coming our way? We’ve already prepared our Gen1 and Gen2 users that the end is nigh, but we’re getting increasingly nervous about virtually everything else purchased 2008 to 2017 having to be replaced in the next 18 months.

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      Hi Adam Veatch,

      Thanks for your patience whilst our teams have investigated this issue.

      You can now see the below post which refers to the update:



      Promethean Support


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      Declan BarryDeclan Barry


      Can I check if this solution will work with the PRM-AB2-01 Boards in the interim?

      I have only found this out through our Education Authority and we have approximately 30 of these boards. I know it isn’t technically Promethean’s fault but as a school, we don’t have the funds to rip out 30 boards and replace them with new technology.



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      Craig PrometheanCraig Promethean

      Hello Declan,

      Thank you for your post.

      We have been suggested the above changes to many users who have been able to use the older models of ActivBoards with Windows 10.

      Please make the suggested changes and let us know if you need any support.

      Kind regards,


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        Declan BarryDeclan Barry

        Cheers Craig.

        Will do. Currently updating firmware on 300 Series boards but also discovered that I need to update the driver on each workstation to at least Activdriver v5.17.13 x64 – One board was still on 5.9.x and once firmware was updated, board wasn’t recognised until I applied Activdriver v5.17.13 x64 . Nearly fainted! LOL!!

        Many thanks


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      Craig PrometheanCraig Promethean

      Good afternoon Declan,

      I can imagine the fear. I’m glad you noticed and installed the latest driver.

      Have a great weekend.


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      Anita JohnstoneAnita Johnstone

      Hi folks,

      I work in education in Northern Ireland. We have recently rolled out Windows 10 version Windows 10 1909 – (an Education flavour version) the BSoD I haven’t experienced yet. I have doubled checked this on 3 off our board ABV378Pro (3oo series) and this hasn’t occurred. We have a further 14 300 series boards in the school and I haven’t heard anyone else mention this issue. Can you provide feedback on this.


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      Jacques BedardJacques Bedard

      Hi All,

      The school I am working does not allow and block the bin download.

      Is it possible to get a direct link to download?



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      Declan BarryDeclan Barry

      Hi folks.

      Up until now, our computers have been working fine with the ‘fix’ on the Ac2 boards but Over the past few days, a number of staff have reported that their computers have randomly started to BSOD and restart in the middle of a lesson.

      Has anyone else experienced this? As our network in N. Ireland is a managed system via a firm call Capita, we don’t know what updates are being installed and its possible that a recent windows update has upset the ‘applecart’.

      I have spoken to Capita but at moment they are unaware of any issues but in saying that, we might just be the start of it and they may start receiving helpdesk calls as part of the managed service. I’ve also emailed colleagues in other schools to see if they are experiencing issues with the AC2 boards.

      I’ll update as info becomes available but can anyone suggest things to try to see if it is the driver issue or a windows hotfix. Just clutching at straws at moment because if it is the driver issue and there is no solution due to the age of the hardware, its going to be an expensive fix.



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      Paul PrometheanPaul Promethean

      Hi Declan,

      Thanks for your post.  We are unaware of any changes however it could be that your computers have received some windows updates?

      Can you please check what version of ActivDriver you have installed? As this could have been updated and would lead to the issues that you are seeing.

      We look forward to your reply.

      Kind regards,

      Promethean Technical Support

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