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      Casey PohlmeyerCasey Pohlmeyer

      I have the personal version. I have a serial number and codes for the professional version however it won’t let me input it anywhere because it always just loads the personal version!

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      I just got the answers to this question and it worked.

      Solution: open the Personal Edition, click Help, then click About and then you will get a chance to upgrade or register to the Professional version with your Professional version coke.

      Strange way, but it works.


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      The Activation key that would be entered in the window accessed
      with Ze’s instructions will be 20 digits in length and start with either 0015
      or 0016.  Inputting that number (without
      dashes or spaces) along with a user name and organization then agreeing to the terms
      of the license will make an OK button become active.  Click on the button, and you will be told
      that any changes will take effect after restarting the software.  Restart that software to unlock the features
      of the professional edition.


      (Support Case 00491116)

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      This is not working for me. I am using a Mac OS 10.10.2 About is in the Activinspire menu and it will not let me enter the licence code I have been given. I am not actually sure if I have personal or professional. How can I tell??

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      Click “Help” then click “About” then click “REGISTER”

Viewing 4 reply threads
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