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      K WrightK Wright

      Running Windows 8.1 64 bit with USB 2 and 3 ports. Tried my cable in all ports. Followed link in another conversation to latest driver but my machine says I have one that’s newer.Lovely new laptop. Using HDMI cable to display on to screen but no interactivity. PLease help. ActiveInspire by the way.

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      Hi, my name is Carlos.

      Can you tell me if your board has been working corectly before you get your new laptop, or with the last computer you were working?

      My advice is: you can try  first conecting the last computer or other with the ActivInspire installed, and if this works is because Windows 7 or 8 take so long to load for the first time the drivers to find the board, this OS’s find first on Internet and then locally the drivers.

      If this is not the problem, some times this happens to me if the USB cable was pulled out from the back side of the plug behind the board.
      Try to see behind your board, ask help to lift the board from both sides and at the same time and look for the usb connection to secure the cable is pluged into.

      Let me know if this solved your problemus.

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      Hi K, 

      Thank you for posting on our Community. 
      Please can you provide the following so we can help you troubleshoot this: 

      – Length of the USB cable you are using to connect to your board
      – Product Code of your Board (don’t post the serial number online)
      – Are you getting no interaction on both the USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports? 
      – What driver version is installed?  (right click the activmanager icon in your system tray – Control Panel, version will be listed at the bottom). 

      Alternatively please call our Tech Support line so we can go through these with you and resolve the issue. 
      Your reference is: 00467203.

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      Sorry it’s taken so long to get back.
      Cable is about 1 and a half.
      Not sure where to find the serial number?
      No interaction from any port.
      It’s the latest version as far as I know -I don’t have the icon in the system tray.

      Have tried to call number but I was asked for Active Care ID??

      It’s quite frustrating.

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      Article 10474 Form our Promethean Knowledge Base ( can help you locate the serial number of the ActivBoard in question; the product code of the board ( what we would need in this case) can be found on the same label. Please DO NOT post the serial number of the board in question in this community.

      The ActivManager, if not found in Windows’ System Tray to the lower right can be made to re-appear by running the ActivMgr application found in C:Program FilesActiv SoftwareActivDriver. The version of ActivDriver can also be found by looking for the ActivDriver listing in Windows’ “Programs and Features” list.

      Regardless of whether you have an ActivCare ID number, Technical Support will assist you when contacted. Please refer to case 00467203 when doing so, and they will be able to see our conversation here to this point.

      (Support Case 00467203)

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      Thanks for your help-we contacted customer support (with all the numbers etc we needed) and they sent us link for an older driver as we have an older type board. Unfortunately this driver doesn’t work either. I was sent driver version 5.7.25. Previously I had 5.7.22 which worked with my old laptop on Vista. Can I still get that version and would it work with Windows 8? (new laptop)

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      Thanks for the reply.
      The driver which was sent should be working with your Windows 8 computer.
      Depending on if your ActivBoard is using a serial connection with a USB converter you may need an additional driver which will be supplied by the manufacturer of the converter.

      If you are just using a USB cable, I would recommend connecting directly to the ActivBoard bypassing the wall box you may be using and connected to the back of the ActivBoard.
      If you still are experiencing issues I would recommend contacting Promethean Technical Support again directly and quoting your reference number (00467203).

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