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      Richard KomandoRichard Komando

      Dell Latitude 3440 running Windows 7 is giving USB Errors and has to be rebooted 3-4 times a day to run the activboard. It is getting worse everyday. Any solutions?

      Thanks – Rich

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      When that error presents, does any error message present with it? If so, what does the message state? Does this present with any other computers at the school?

      If you have not already done so, please download and install our updated 5.12 ActivDriver from Promethean Support here and re-boot the computer.

      Also, If the USB connection in place between the computer and the surface uses any additional hardware (e.g. an extension cable or booster, a wallbox, an external USB hub or docking station), please instead try making a direct connection between the computer and that surface using only a single 3m length of A-to-B USB cable. Does this affect the appearance of or frequency of the error?

      (Support Case 00634139)

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