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      Jon ArnoldJon Arnold

      When using page advance arrows at the screen, pages are being skipped. (at page 2 skips to 4 missing page 3 or 1-3 missing 2 or 5-7 missing 6) Does not happen at the attached laptop.

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      Hi Jon,

      Thank you for your post.

      In order to fix that issue, please go to http://www.prometheankb.com and search for 11194

      Please let us know the outcome.

      Kind regards,

      Promethean Technical Support

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      Hi Miguel

      I have carried out the instructions in KB 11194 (AKA 1167) and the issue persists. 


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      Is the computer in use with this Panel a PC or a Mac and which version of the operating system is in use? Does re-booting that computer have any effect on the behavior?

      In which version of the ActivInspire software is this behavior is presenting? If needed, our updated Software can be downloaded from this page on our Support Portal. Please re-boot the computer after installing that updated software

      Also, In the Inspire software, please confirm for us what the settings for Dual Mode ActivBoards are at while this occurs.

      (Support Case 00600966)

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      Hi Jarrad

      Just to let you know this post was put up 3months ago and I thought it was closed and so opened a new post yesterday called ” Double page turn” to which your colleague Frances has responded.

      I don’t mind who I converse with so long as the issue gets resolved.

      So, in answer to your questions, It is a ATP70 panel with a PC attached running windows7 Enterprise and Activinspire Ver 2.5 66477.  Re booting the PC makes no difference.  The setting are as recommended in KB11194.  It would appear that other users have experienced the same issues over time and are also looking for a solution. I am aware the a hand gesture across the screen either from left or right achieves the same objective of turning a page, but feel that if the arrows don’t work there should be a solution! 


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      We have spoken to our second level support team who have asked if you can complete the following –

      1. Ensure your computer is turned off. (IMPORTANT)
      2. Connect the USB cable from the computer to the ActivPanel Touch.
      3. Turn the computer on.
      4. Start ActivInspire.
      5. Turn the ActivPanel Touch on

      So have them turn the panel on BEFORE you start the computer, does the issue occur?

      Thank you,


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      Hello Craig

      Thank you for the info.  I have carried out the instructions and it seems to have worked. 


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