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      I have been trying to install a Visual Presenter AV322 and the ActiView software (v5.0.4) in Windows 7 Pro 32-bit. I don’t have much luck. I have connected the cables according to the instructions (VGA cable from the computer to VGA IN, VGA cable from VGA OUT to the projector, and the USB cable) and I have installed the ActiView software.

      When the AV322 is in standby (red light is lit) then the signal passes through from the computer to the projector, and I can also access the 50 Mb USB memory in the AV322. But as soon as I turn the AV322 on (blue light is lit, and the lamp is also lit) then the signal to the projector disappears, and the 50 Mb USB drive also disconnects. It is as if the world is upside down… 🙂

      And when the AV322 is in standby, and I start the ActiView program, then I can turn the AV322 on from the program, which means that the software is aware of AV322’s existence. But when I turn it on, everything stops working, and the only function available in ActiView is “Settings”. And the camera never shows any image, I always see a black window where the live image should be.

      Any pointers in the right direction are appreciated!

      Per Jonsson
      IT Technician
      Nolaskolan Upper Secondary School

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      Hi Per, 

      Could test it with just the USB cable running between the AV322 and the Computer, so: 
      Ideally you should have a USB cable connecting the AV322 to your computer and then VGA from your computer to the projector. 
      Can you let me know if that fixes it? 

      I have also created a reference for you in case you prefer to call :  00464543

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      Hi Wendy,

      So you mean that there is no need whatsoever to connect any VGA cables to the AV322 when using the USB cable and the ActiView software?

      Well, that solved the “signal not passing through to the projector” issue, of course. But I still don’t get any response from the camera, and the ActiView software still only “sees” the camera when it is in standby. As soon as I turn the AV322 on, either from the software or by pressing the button, the only option available in ActiView is “Settings”, and the live view window is till black.

      I know that software with USB drivers can be hard to uninstall or reinstall with good result, so is there any use to reinstall the software? Through the years when I have installed USB devices, I have learned that you should always install the software before you connect the device, or connect the device when you are asked to do so by the software installation program, but in this case you are instructed to connect the USB cable before you install the ActiView software. What is the correct procedure?


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      Hi Per, 

      Thank you for getting back to me. 
      It’s more of an either / or situation with the VGA / USB just to give people different options depending on what they have available. 
      Can you check the following for me?  When you turn the AV322 upside down and flip the feet out, you should be able to see 4 tiny “dip switches” underneath the unit. 
      Can you check the settings on those? Make sure they are all set to OFF that is usually the default that works in most situations. Having 1 ON and the other 3 OFF will result in the software options being greyed out and not being able to see the capture window. 

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      Wendy! You have made my day!

      The big mistake I made in this whole extravaganza was to follow the instructions… 😉 It is very easy to get the impression that you should connect the VGA cables and the USB cable (only the RS232 cable is marked as optional), and depending on which country you are in, you should flip those switches in various fashions… There is nothing in the instructions indicating that in most cases you should not flip those switches at all.

      You have helped me tremendously, Wendy! Thanks!


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      Thank you for letting me know Per, I’m sure this will prove very useful to others experiencing this problem!

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      all dip switches off. USB cable connected
      Actiview av322 with activpanel (dont know any more than that as there is NO activemanager.
      can not connect activcamera to the newer activpanels… the older promethians (with the overhead projector) have no issues….
      there must be some compatability issue or something.

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      Hi mosdell,

      Thanks for posting.

      Please could you let us know what model of ActivPanel you are using? 
      How are you connecting the AV322, is this using a VGA input to one of the inputs on the ActivPanel?

      Kind regards,
      Promethean Technical Support

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