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      Bill LaneBill Lane

      I updated my Macbook (Yosemite) with a recent security upgrade. Afterwards I saw changes to my Inspire app. Among them: 1)my recent items menu was cleared; 2)It started up as if for the first time, asking which other presentation application I was used to using( I have not seen this for years) 3) it showed the dashboard on startup-I have never chosen that option. 5) When using the countdown clock, the application has lost contact with the built in sound files.
      However, the biggest problem is that I can no longer use my Activotes. Interestingly, when I went use them after this event started, the appearance of the vote selection choices (A-E, number of acceptable answers, etc) was different. Hmmmm… But the Inspire is telling me there are no voters registered. When I go to the browser, it shows all 22 registered. Hmmm… When I deleted and reregistered them, it still told me there were no voters registered.

      Please help.

      I am running a 2011 MBP; Yosemite 10.10.2

      Activinspire 1.8. 64868

      Activdriver 5.10.14

      I have restarted the application and the machine numerous times.

      Please help: my kids miss the voting!

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      Please be advised that Promethean does not currently support Mac OSX Yosemite. ActivInspire 1.8 and the newer version 2.3 are both supported on Apple computers running OS X 10.7 – 10.9. While you may be able to install and run the software, we will not be able to provide any support for issues you may encounter.

      We are in the process of testing our software with Yosemite, so that compatibility can be implemented in a future release of the ActivInspire software.

      (Support Case 00488796)

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      I know it is not officially supported. I had no choice about the OS upgrade, it is what the IT set up. No going back. I was using it splendidly until this minor SECURITY upgrade, not even an OS change. I can’t imagine why that would cause these issues.

      Any thoughts (other than “not officially supported) would be greatly appreciated

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      In a supported
      operating system, we would normally recommend first upgrading the ActivInspire
      software on the computer using the .dmg file downloaded from this
      on Promethean Planet. 


      In the ActivInspire
      software, we would then ask you to look in the Voting Browser, where there is a
      drop-down you can use to set the voting devices used by the ActivInspire software
      during voting sessions.  Make sure that
      is set correctly, depending on the devices in use (ActivExpressions or
      ActiVotes) and try voting once again. 
      While that has been shown to allow the appropriate devices to be used in
      voting in supported operating systems, we cannot guarantee that this will
      correct the issue seen when using our software in Yosemite.

      (Support Case 00488796)

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