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      We are having some problems with PRM-20 (purchased brand new) whereby the warning light goes on after about 10 seconds. 

      These are the problem solving steps I have followed:
      – checked the filters are clean and not obstructed (new, so shouldn’t be an issue)
      – checked that the board has an earthed power source
      – tried a different power cable
      – tried a different VGA cable
      – tried a difference video in cable
      – removed, dusted and cleaned the power supply packet on the back of the board

      Can you please help with some additional trouble shooting steps I might try? It may be the board itself or the connection between the projector and the board. I’m confident it isn’t the projector. It is a Promethean Active Board (product code ABV387PRO) with serial number (Removed by Promethean Support).

      Can you please help with additional troubleshooting?

      Thank you!


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      Hi k_weber,

      Thank you for posting on the Support Community.

      With regard to the issue, this won’t be relating to the ActivBoard if you are receiving the warning LED coming from the projector LEDs.

      Has the warning LED always shown since the projector was received?

      It is possible that the fault may be a faulty lamp that can’t strike, if you have any other PRM-20 projector models, I’d recommend testing a working lamp inside this projector.
      The warning LED can usually mean that there is an internal fault to the projector. 

      If you still experience any issues with the projector, I would recommend contacting Promethean Support directly and providing the serial number of the projector for further advise.

      Kind regards,
      Promethean Technical Support

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