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      what’s the difference between 3 years warranty and five years warranty?

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      When comparing just the duration of warranty coverage, the answer would be two extra years of warranty coverage.

      Beyond that, however, there are different levels of warranty replacement service that can be provided within that coverage period:  Return for Repair (RFR), Advanced Replacement (ARC), and On-Site Support (OSS).  While each of these are described in legal detail in our Warranty Terms and Conditions, the basics of each are below:

      • RFR – The defective item would be send to Promethean by an end user prior to Promethean sending either a repaired part or its replacement.
      • ARC – Promethean would sent out a replacement for the item with a return shipping label to use in sending the required part back to us or instructions on contacting us to pick up larger hardware.
      • OSS – Promethean would send out a replacement and a technician to install the replacement and package the required parts back to us, either with a shipping label for smaller parts or with instructions on contacting us to schedule a pickup larger hardware.
        • Be advised that the availability of this level of coverage is contingent on there being a Promethean Service Provider in the area; if such a provider is not present, then Advanced Replacement would be offered instead.

      Our Warranty Matrix provides further information about what coverage are available for our hardware offerings and whether OSS support is available in your area.

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