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      John JennJohn Jenn


      At an instructor’s request, I am attempting to connect a Chromebook to one of our new (2019) Nickel ActivPanels.

      I can successfully connect to the ActivPanel from the Chromebook using either ScreenShare or ActivCast.

      Where the problem occurs is trying to run ActivInspire software from the Chromebook to the ActivPanel.
      As per Promethean article 1529 – “How do I install the ActivManager Chrome extension?”, I downloaded and installed ActivManager onto the Chromebook.

      When I click “Launch App”, I get this error message:
      “Promethean Hardware
      Promethean hardware currently connected to your system
      Description                Serial#               Version
      No compatible boards attached”
      I had the chromebook successfully connected via HDMI&USB cables using ActivCast at the time.

      Chromebook support article 1529 says the ActivManager Chrome extension can be used to connect a Chromebook to the following devices:
      “ActivBoard 6 Touch
      ActivPanel (v.2,3,or 4)

      The ActivPanel I am trying to send ActivInspire to via ActivCast has the following specifications:
      Kernel v.4.9.44+
      Build sugarcane-userdebug 8.0.0 OPR5.170623.014 test-keys

      ——————–I am not sure if our ActivPanel is one of the above listed devices.

      Am I trying to attach the Chromebook to a Promethean panel that is not compatible with article 1529’s ActivManager Chrome extension?  If so, is there another ActivManager Chrome extension that would work in this scenario?


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      James PrometheanJames Promethean

      Hi John,

      Thanks for your post.

      The ActivManager for Chrome extension is not needed and will have no impact on usability as this will use the Chromebooks OS to handle the touch on the Nickel ActivPanel.

      Chrome OS is a supported OS for the Nickel.

      You can simply connect HDMI and USB to the ActivPanel and this will work

      Thank you.

      Promethean Technical Support

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