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      Duane HanscomDuane Hanscom

      I have a 500 touch with a PRM 30A projector. I am using a Mac running 10.9.3. I updated ActivInspire and it made my display shrink in size. I cannot seem to adjust my display so that I am using the full width of my board. What resolution and settings do I need so that my projection uses the whole board?

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      Hi Duane.

      For projector set up information please have a look at article 10418 on
      On this article it tells you the best screen resolutions to use for your size of ActivBoard.

      Should you wish to contact us directly about this, please quote your reference number and fill in the form below:
      Reference number: 00476510

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      Hi Adam,
      Thank you for the reply. The information on setting aspect and resolution was very useful. However, the article did not have specific setup information for the PRM-30. I was able to select 1920×1080, and I was able to centre my display by adjusting the horizontal, but I still have 3-4″ of unusable space on either side of my display. Any suggestions on how to make use of all of the board?

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      In order to get the board fully covered try the following

      If your board is a:


      578PRO – Resolution on the computer should be at 1024×768
      and aspect on the projector at 4:3

      587PRO – Resolution on the computer should be at 1280×800
      and aspect on the projector at 16:10

      595PRO – Resolution on the computer should be at 1280×768
      and aspect on the projector at 16:9


      Once these settings are set correctly your board should be
      filled. If the issue remains we would like to know if your projector was
      recently moved or readjusted. Once the settings are set and the issue remains
      then it would lead us to believe that it’s due to the way the projector is

      Your reference number is 476510.

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      Hi Jean Carlos,
      thank you for your reply.  I have a 595 and the aspect was set at 16:9.  1280×768 is not an option from my Mac, but 1280×720 works reasonably well.  The board was not moved or anything like that.  When I updated ActivInspire and the driver yesterday, the display settings changed for some reason.  All is good now.  Thank you.

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