Interactive Flat Panels
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      Heidi DownsHeidi Downs
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      Hello Heidi,

      Thank you for your post.

      Please follow the steps below when cleaning your ActivPanel Touch:

      Switch off the ActivPanel Touch and disconnect the power cable.
      Shut down the attached computer and disconnect its power cable.
      Do not use any liquid or spray cleaner when wiping the device.
      Do not use volatile solvents (such as alcohol, rosin, and toluene) to clean the ActivPanel Touch. These types of chemicals might damage the housing.
      Do not use abrasive cleaners.
      Wipe the surface gently with a slightly damp 100% cotton or micro-fibre cloth.
      Do not apply pressure to the screen.
      Please follow the steps below when cleaning the bezel and remote control:

      Use a 100% cotton cloth or micro-fibre cloth for cleaning.
      If the remote control or bezel is dirty to the point where you cannot simply dry wipe it, please lightly dampen the cleaning fabric with clean water and wipe it.
      Use only lightly dampened fabric to avoid malfunction and possible permanent damage to electronic parts.
      Finally, wipe the ActivPanel Touch dry with a dry micro-fibre cloth or 100% cotton cloth.
      Please ensure that those with access to the ActivPanel Touch are aware of the cleaning procedure.

      If you require any further help please do not hesitate to contact us.



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      Just so you know, your own page contradicts this informatin. Specifically says to use 50% solution of “solution of 50% isopropanol and 50% water” and then the next line item says “Do not use volatile solvents (such as alcohol, “.

      So is it no alcohol or diluted alcohol?

      As a suggestion, maybe telling everyone to not use ANYTHING but a soft cloth slightly damp with water only would save confusion?

      So, water does not really remove fingerprints or grease…just saying

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      Hello S_Teal

      The article is advising to use a mixture a solution of 50% isopropanol and 50% water. As isopropanol is alcohol, yes this is a diluted alcohol. 

      As you mentioned a soft damp cloth will not remove grease or fingertips but the choice is yours. 

      Thank you, 


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