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      The Promethean Table randomly shuts off and
      beeps upon staring back up. I ran updates, made sure the power cable was firmly attached to the board and plugged into the outlet, but it still shuts down in the middle of use. One of the students mentioned that whenever you touch the plug, it shuts off. Any ideas if that’s accurate and what can be done to fix it, or what is could be causing this?  

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      Hi nprietti,

      Thanks for posting. 

      The ActivTable is designed to beep when the power cable is removed from the leg of the ActivTable or power has been switched off. This is the internal battery keeping the ActivTable powered whilst beeping to let you know that power has become removed/turned off.

      If you are still experiencing this issue, I’d recommend referring to the installation guide and looking at page 6:
      This shows the leg that has power connecting to the ActivTable, please ensure that this is fully connected. 

      You may need to try another power cable from the mains to the ActivTable’s power leg to see if this helps also.

      I hope this information helps.

      Kind regards,
      Promethean Technical Support

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