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      Matthew GeorgalasMatthew Georgalas

      I recently purchased Titanium boards with Chromeboxes but cannot figure out what the Chromeboxes do.  I have Google Play installed on the board and apps open, but they open without switching to the Chromebox.  It is connected, and when I change to HDMI 2, it only shows a white screen with a shut down button in the lower left hand corner.

      The Chromebox did connect to wifi and update on first boot, but all subsequent boots go to the white screen.

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      Adam H PrometheanAdam H Promethean
      Senior Moderator

      Hi Matthew,

      Thanks for your post. It is possible to install apps directly onto the ActivPanel via the Promethean App store or via Google Play if that has been enabled, however the Promethean Chromebox is Promethean’s fully Google Mobile Services (GMS) certified product.

      Imagine the Promethean Chromebox to be like a Google Chromebook computer in the form of a small box. It includes the Chrome operating system which users of Google Chromebook’s will be used to. Connecting the Chromebox to your ActivPanel is similar to the way in which you would connect a macOS or Windows laptop to the ActivPanel, however instead of running macOS or Windows, it’s running Chrome OS.

      Some customer opt to use the Chromebox as their preferred method of installing apps from the Google Play Store as well as link up to other cloud-based apps that they use for teaching and learning. Others use it as they may prefer the Chrome operating system compared to the built-in Android operating system of the ActivPanel itself. It’s purely dependant on your needs and how you would like to use your ActivPanel. You may find that the built-in Android operating system of the ActivPanel fully meets your needs. Customer of Nickel/Cobalt ActivPanel models also choose to use this product as it includes bluetooth which is not included in the Wi-Fi modules for those ActivPanels.

      More information about the Chromebox can be found here: and here:

      The white screen however does sound like a recent issue that we have seen with Chromeboxes which have newly been installed and updated. Please follow the instructions in the following article in order to re-install the Google Chrome operating system:

      Kind regards,
      Adam H

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