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      When I try to import a PowerPoint from my home computer, I get the message stated in the question line. I am using Windows 10 and PowerPoint 2016. 

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      Hello Rachel,

      This sounds like it may be an issue issue with something blocking the Legacy.exe file which Inspire is trying to run – this could be due to limited permissions granted to your Windows profile, or it could be an AntiVirus programming stopping it from running.

      Unfortunately it is difficult to say what exactly might be causing this – could you try browsing to the following location and seeing if you can access the folder: C:Program FilesActiv SoftwareInspire

      If you cannot access this then it is likely that you have restrictions on your Windows user account.

      If you can access the folder then it is more likely to be your AntiVirus which does not recognize the file and is blocking it. If you make sure you are disconnected from the Internet you could try temporarily disabling your Antivirus to see if the file imports when it is not scanning (make sure you re-enable it afterwards). if the import works when it is disabled, then you may need to check if it is possible to mark the file as safe in your Antivirus options. We cannot really help out with this as there are numerous different AntiVirus programs and they all have different menus.

      Please let us know if this resolves this issue.



      Promethean Support

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