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      Wendy PrometheanWendy

      If you have an ActivHub plugged your computer while trying to register the ActiVotes, ActivInspire will be expecting 2.4GHz ActiVotes to be registered on the ActivHub. The legacy ActiVotes are only able to be registered on a second-generation ActivBoard. Please see article 10326 on the Knowledge Base for clarification on the different types of ActiVotes.

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      One of our teachers has the legacy Activotes and an older board. There is no hub connected. They worked just fine until she upgraded the ActivInspire software to the new version (which shows ClassFlow). When she tries to register the devices now, only the Class Flow option shows up and not the option to register ActiVotes. Do legacy ActiVotes no longer work with ActivInspire? Thanks for any help you can provide.

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      If the software was
      updated through the ‘Check for Updates’ option in ActivInspire, then this will
      only have updated the ActivInspire software; you will also need the updated
      ActivDriver to maintain its functionality with our Learner Response Devices.


      The ActivInspire
      Suite, which will install both the updated 5.11 ActivDriver and the updated 2.4
      ActivInspire software, can be downloaded from this page
      on Promethean Planet, after logging in.


      If you need just the
      ActivDriver on its own, that can be downloaded from our Knowledge Base, in Article 10902.


      (Support Case

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      Thanks!  I’ll try!

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