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      Jason EdwardsJason Edwards

      I have registered 17 out of my 23 ActivExpressions to my hub. However, when I attempt to register the final 6, the screen prompts the instructions, but the board doesn’t signify that the devices have been connected (count still reads 0 of 6 devices connected.) What am I doing wrong?

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      Hi Jason, 

      Can you check which Firmware version you have on your ActivExpression devices and the 2.4Ghz Hub? 
      Make sure they are both on the latest version and you also have the latest version of the ActivDriver. 
      You may need to clear and reset your Hub after doing this and re-register your devices. 

      Below some links to our Knowledge Base to help you with this: 

      Hub and Expression Firmware upgrade instructions
      Driver Update

      I have also created a reference, in case you would prefer to speak to one of our agents to talk you through this : 00464494

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