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    Jon Chambers
    Jon Chambers

    Dear Promethean,

    I am revisiting Classflow to see if it has become easier to use.

    What really bemuses me, is the lack of an ‘app’ for student mobile devices.

    Do you have one? Have I missed something?

    Teachers/Pupils don’t have time to enter a long and confusing url

    How about a QR code on the website instead?

    The process is currently too long and the pace of the lesson quickly lost.

    Thx and Rgds

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    There is not a separate ClassFlow application for Students; both Teachers and Students can access the same tools for creating and presenting lessons with an account on, which can be accessed by teachers and Students using a supported web browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge)

    The URL for a lesson can be shared with the students directly as you would any other web link.  Or, if the students have their own student account on ClassFlow and have been added to a Teacher’s Class, the Lesson can be shared on the Class’ page or if the students and teacher are logged in, the Students can add themselves to the current Class using a Class Code generated for the Class.


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