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      My board will flicker while it is being used. It is actually the projector and not the board I am assuming. It is a dimming effect, but my students have started to notice it too.
      My pens will skip as they write. Is this typical? I have new dual pens and it did it with my old pens as well. Thanks in advance.

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      Hi Suzan,

      Thank you for posting in our forum.

      It seems that you have 2 issues occurring simultaneously, so in order to assist you further, please check steps below regarding the flickering image and then we will move on to the “pen skipping” issue.

      1 – are all the cables connected correctly? (VGA, USB, power cables, etc)
      2 – does the image flicker if you disconnect the VGA/HDMI cable from the back of the projector?
      3 – does the same issue happen with another laptop/pc?

      This query will be logged in our system under case number 00478606 should you require to contact us direct.

      Thank you for your cooperation.

      Promethean Technical Support

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