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      When I plug in my DVD player into the ActivPanel, I have to turn up the volume to 100% for my students to somewhat hear the people on the DVD.  I tried two different DVD players and movies to make sure that it wasn’t the initial DVD player.  Is there another place to adjust the volume other than with remote or front of ActivPanel?

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      Hello justisa,

      Thank you for contacting us. Can you please confirm the version of ActivPanel you have (not the serial number). 

      Also can you please confirm if the DVD player has any volume controls? 

      Finally can i please ask how you have the DVD player connected?

      Thank you,


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      I have the AP4-70 Model.

      The DVD player does not have any volume controls on the player or remote.

      I have the DVD player connected to the box behind the board.  This is the same box my HDMI cord connects my laptop to the board.

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      Hi justisa,

      Thank you for your reply.

      Is the DVD player connected using an HDMI cable? Or does this use any other cables?
      Is the sound loud when sound is played from the laptop? 
      If you are using an HDMI cable to your DVD player, if you use the HDMI cable which has been used on your laptop does this help?
      If you play the DVD using your laptop, is this loud or quiet?

      If you press Menu and go to the Sound Mode option, if you change between these settings, do these help?

      Promethean Technical Support.

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      The DVD Player is connected using other cables.  My DVD player doesn’t have a HDMI slot to plug it in. 

      My laptop doesn’t have a CD/DVD drive built-in.  So I haven’t tried from my laptop.

      When I play something from my laptop, the sound is louder than when connected to DVD player.

      I went into Sound Mode and changed the various modes.  I could tell a slight difference in the modes, but nothing very major.

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      Hello justisa,

      We have created a support case so that we may follow up regarding this issue via email. You should receive an email shortly.

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