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      I have a ABV587PRO board. It is having calibrating issues on a Windows 10 system. Also – my projection shows bubbles on occasion.  When I uninstall the software the bubbles go away.  Software/drivers have been updated. I still get a Red X on my ActivManager from the teacher desktop, and have tried to connect via a laptop directly at the board but cannot get the software to install properly (coul be a new ThinkPad issue).  

      To rule out that the board itself is failing, I would like to upgrade the firmware. (I see this as the issue due to the Red X on my ActivManager and the inability to display anything when I do pull up the control panel from ActivManager.

      Can you please send this file my way? 

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      Hello nytesinger,

      It sounds like you have two issues here. 

      1- Image issue with your projector. When you say “bubbles” what do you mean? Does the issue go away if you remove the source? Please confirm the model of the projector. 

      2- No connection. If you ActivManager has a red cross this is showing your computer does not know what is connected. The could be caused by a number of things, cabling, driver, wall box etc. 

      To rule out some of the potential causes can you please test a direct connection bypassing any wall boxes, faceplates and extenders. 

      Please let us know the outcome,


      Promethean Technical Support. 

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