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      We are trying to get to grips with the functionality of the boards and are resolving issues as teachers come across them (good olf firefighting).

      Anyway, the latest is when trying to useActivInspire in extended mode. 

      Both the V5 and the monitor are 1080 with nothing set to 150% (as an example). 

      When duplicated screen there are no issues but when in extended mode the teacher is unable to use the stylus pen. If they use the pen, its half way across the board and as you get closer to the right the pen gets closer to where you are placing it (hope that makes sense). However, if they use their finger on the V5 in extended mode the the touch calibration is perfect.

      Is there a menu where we can calibrate this? I have tried calibrating from the ActivInspire system tray icon but this does not help and I don’t see anything in the ActivInspire settings. 

      On Windows I have checked Pen and Touch as well as Tablet PC Settings. 

      Any advice would be appreciated. 

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      Please be advised that our ActivPanel, ActivBoard Touch, and ActivWall hardware are not support for use with Extended Display setups.  Our recommendation is that they be used with mirrored or cloned displays.

      For windows-based
      computers, we have found the below workaround to help with this issue:

      – Quit ActivManager from within the System tray.
      – Head to “Tablet PC Settings” (Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound
      > Tablet PC Settings) 
      – Click “Setup”
      – Click “Touch Input”
      – You will see a message asking you to identify the Touchscreen by touching it.
        – If this does not appear on the ActivPanel or ActivBoard Touch, Press ENTER on
      your keyboard until it is.
      – The ABT, AP or AW should now be fully interactive in extended desktop.

      you need to calibrate the ABT, AP or AW from extended desktop click Calibrate
      from within Tablet PC Settings, and select “Touch Input”.

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      Thank you for getting back to me about this and apologies for not replying sooner.

      Unfortunately I had already tried what you had suggested. Can you explain why using a finger or the reverse of the pen works but the pen tip causes problems in extended mode. Seems to be more of an issue for things like PowerPoint or whatever. There is also an issue where if someone writes, there is a break in the text and a straight line going away from it (hard to explain). Is there a fix for this?

      I tried using AvtivInspire software and importing the PP but I got an error ‘PowerPoint source file is incorrect’. Any suggestions?

      Is there plans to make the software fully work in extended mode? Seems a big loss from an educational point of view. I’d say a large number of our teachers like to work in extended mode.


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      Hi Fraserb82,

      The diameter of the pen nib is what differentiates on the ActivPanel between a touch input and a stylus input within Windows.

      If you go within the ActivManager Control Panel and go to the Pens tab and change to Tablet mode, does this help with the issue when on extended display?

      For the Importing PowerPoint into ActivInspire issue you have mentioned, ActivInspire does not yet support Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 or above. If these versions are installed on your computer, you may encounter error messages when importing a PowerPoint file into ActivInspire. The following suggestions are workarounds only.

      If you see this message, remove any spaces or special characters from the file name and path, and try to import it again. You may find it easier to save the file to your Desktop.

      We pass all of customers requests on to the product development teams to review for future consideration, I will ensure that your request is added to the current enhancement for the extended desktop to be supported. 

      For the touch issue that you have mentioned, have you tried to see if there is an available firmware upgrade from within ActivManager on your ActivPanel? 
      Is this issue affecting just the one ActivPanel or multiple? Do you have a short video best showing the interaction?

      I hope this information helps.

      Kind regards,

      Promethean Technical Support

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