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      We have just updated to Windows 10 and laptops capable of a retna-level graphics.  The issue is that we are seeing corrupt slides for all users.  Inside of frames, fonts are on top of one another or just half missing.  Other objects are misaligned.  If you click inside of the frame, things sort of straighten themselves out, but his is a major pain for teachers that have put together years of flipcharts.  Is there a better solution for this.  The real issue now is some of the flipcharts do this, even after being corrected and saved.  Any help is appreciated…  We are running version 2.8 and already adjusted the size of text, apps, etc from the stock 150% back to 100%.


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      Hi Joe,

      The issue with the text being cut off is from screen resolution settings and text size. On newer higher resolution screens (like surface pro) they set the text size to 150%. You will need to go to a size of 100% and restart the computer. Any file that was not saved under the 150% setting should be correct.
      It seems that you have already changed these settings, but it is vital to restart the machine so that the changes take effect.

      Please let us know the outcome.

      Thank you


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