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      Lois HalterLois Halter

      Does windows 8 create a problem with flipcharts and re-calibrating the Promethean board? I have had problems since I started using a new computer with windows 8. How can I get this fixed?

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      Hi Lois, 

      Can you confirm which version of the ActivDriver and ActivInspire software you currently have installed?  
      You can find the software version by clicking on Help in the Inspire menu and going to Info. 
      The driver version you can get by clicking on the ActivManager Icon in your System Tray and clicking on Control Panel 
      The bottom of the window that pops up next will show you which version it’s on “Copyright Promethean version x.x.xx”

      Alternatively, please call up and we’ll talk you through this, your reference number is: 00464563

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      I have 3 win 8.1 computers that are having similar issues.  Activ Manager disappears, the board needs calibration more often, once a week, sound quits working.
      v2.0, Firmware 8.09Build4, Driver

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      If needed, the up-to-date ActivInspire software and ActivDriver can be downloaded from this page on Promethean Planet.  As of this post, those versions are 2.3 and 5.10, respectively.


      If the USB connection from the computer to the board utilizes any extra hardware, like an extension cable, a booster or other adapter, or a wallbox, please instead try connecting directly to the board’s electronics from the computer using only a single length of A-to-B USB cable.  Generally, the electronics on the boards to which you can connect are located behind their upper left corner.   Given the product code from the board, Technical Support can confirm that for you or advise you where to make that connection instead.


      (Support Case 00464563)

Viewing 3 reply threads
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