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      Steve ShaperoSteve Shapero

      As a long time user of ActivInspire, I feel totally left by the roadside and hung out to dry.  First you try to put us with Classflow, which was clearly an inferior product and you finally acknowledged that you would need to continue to support ActivInspire when the user community rebelled.  Glad you could see the handwriting on the wall.  The windows version of ActivInspire is leaving those of us with the 1903 build of Windows 10 having to deal with daily crashes.  I just experience a 3-crash day two days ago.  I cannot for the life of me understand why you don’t just give us a link to the older version of ActivInspire that DID work with Windows 10 build 1903 so we can get by with a crashless day until you figure out how to fix it.  It seems you don’t care about your user community.

      As for the Mac version, those of us waiting to upgrade to the Catalina operating system, we are held captive by ActivInspire which still uses the 32-bit (or is it the 64-bit – I can’t keep track) software.  This was supposedly going to be coming out in October and we are now in November.

      I am greatly disappointed in the lack of support I have received from ActivInspire, which is only interested in claiming that they have provided a solution when in fact their solution does not work (where  the Windows version is concerned).  If they can “call it resolved” that’s the goal – never mind if it really resolves the issue.  It is perhaps the worst support and the slowest moving software resolution effort I’ve ever seen, and to say I’m disappointed is being highly diplomatic because I feel like yelling and screaming!!

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      Phat NguyenPhat Nguyen

      Yeah,i agree with you.Now Im using mac catalina and i cant use ActivInspire.I will wait for prometheanworld.


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      Hi Steve,

      To help clarify your post, it isn’t ActivInspire that is causing your computer to crash using Windows 10 1903.

      This is due to a change in the Windows 10 version that has changed how your ActivBoard is detected, it seems as this is being caused by ActivInspire as this is the software you are using to interact with your ActivBoard, but it’s the way the ActivDriver is detecting your ActivBoard interaction.
      You can read the full statement on the below announcement :

      In terms of ActivInspire for Mac, we brought out 64bit in version 2.15 (May 2019) in preparation for new releases of OS such as Catalina which dropped 32bit support for applications, however we do not currently support Catalina with ActivInspire. This is being worked on and we hope to have a supported version released very soon.
      Please feel free to subscribe to the ‘Announcements’ section on the Support Community to keep an eye on future releases.

      Kind regards,

      Promethean Support




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