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      James ConantJames Conant

      Hi, I work in IT for a School District and we are having an issue with Screenshare.  We are using a wireless mouse/keyboard combo for our teachers.  The wireless setup works great when the USB receiver is plugged into a USB 3.0 port.  They can use it for the Chromebox and Promethean and it works GREAT.  The issue is when they use the Screenshare App (newest version) with touch back enabled from their PC the wireless keyboard does not work correctly.  The mouse works as it should and the ESC key works but nothing else does.   When I press ESC the Screenshare App will close out the remote session on the Promethean and return the Screenshare App. waiting room.  I have the same problem using a wireless Microsoft and a Logitech keyboard.  I even have plugged up a wired keyboard and it does the same thing.  What am I missing?


      Thank you,



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      Hello James,

      Thank you for your post on our Support Community.

      To assist you with the issue reported, could you please confirm what model of ActivPanel you have? Please, do not post any serial numbers on this public forum.

      Please, also clarify where the keyboard and mouse are connected to?

      If they you connecting to the ActivPanel and using Screen Share, the mouse will control the Android side of things, so it should work to interact, but they keyboard won’t work direct with the OS as it is being used with the panel’s OS. That is why, when you press ESC the Screen Share android OS app closes down.

      We look forward to hearing from you to provide further assistance.

      Kind regards,


      Promethean Technical Support

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      James ConantJames Conant

      Hello, we are using model # AP7_B75 series and the USB dongle is connected to a USB 3.0 port.  From what I’m understanding, the “keyboard” will not work while using Screenshare.  The only time both will work is when the user is using the inputs on the panel.  Ie. HDMI, VGA, etc.

      The next question is do you know of any wireless extenders for USB wireless keyboard/mice combinations?  This would allow the user to have a separate keyboard/mouse combo. just for Screenshare use.


      Thank you in advance.






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