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      Judy JohnsonJudy Johnson

      My ActivPanel Touch was working well until I downloaded Yosemite. Now the board and the computer do not recognize each other. In fact, from the control panel, it says there is no Promethean hardware connected to my computer. It says my hub name is valid and gives me a green light there.

      I have tried downloading and installing the newest driver; I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling ActivInspire. I have tried leaving the board and computer off overnight.

      The ActivPanel Touch is APT-65. I am running the board with a MacBook.

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      Hi Judy,

      With regard to the ActivPanel Touch, please could you advise on the first 5 digits of your ActivPanel Touch serial number?
      Does the touch work on your ActivPanel at all, but not show within ActivManager’s control panel? If you are able to provide the current ActivManager version listed at the bottom of ActivManagers control panel we would be able to identified if you are using the latest driver.
      I would recommend testing another computer to the ActivPanel and see if this works also.

      Should you wish to contact Promethean Technical Support directly, please quote your case reference as 00526564.

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      Thanks, Adam, for your quick reply.

      The first 5 digits of the serial number are 65E78

       The pen will write with this caveat: one has to aim several
      inches to the left of where one wishes the writing to be in order for it to
      appear properly; the same with the touch, one has to aim left and high of the
      spot one wishes to click.  My sophomores
      were kind enough to try this for me, but the fun soon left the attempt because
      of having to guess where to click and write.

       The ActivManager version listed at the bottom of the
      ActivManager’s control panel is version 5.11. 7.

       The librarian did a presentation with a MacBook Air
      yesterday and  the board did not have touch capabilities. 
      When I hooked the board up to a second MacBook Pro, I have the same issues as I do with my MacBook.  All of the computers are running Yosemite.

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      Hi Judy,

      This ActivPanel Touch doesn’t support touch features on MAC operating systems and as such the ActivManager will not detect this hardware. You will however be able to use the HDMI/VGA to display your MAC onto the ActivPanel.

      Should you wish to contact Promethean Technical Support directly, please quote your case reference as 00526564.

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