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      Gareth EdmondsonGareth Edmondson

      Hi James,

      Thanks for this – I’ve been trying this with several boards but only one seems to work. Would it be possible to send a list of boards/firmwares/drivers through to someone at Promethean and work with them to get things working?

      I’m sure I’m not the only school in the UK with older boards that needs Pens. Reading various online forums (such as Edugeek) and through talking with people in Swansea LEA – a lot of pens are needed.

      One such board is running firmware

      2.73 Build 0


      Driver Version

      I believe it is a 378Pro board. It’s not letting me upgrade at all.

      In another twist of fate – we have several serial boards. They  have to stay serial in order to work with Windows 10 (post 1903). HOw do we upgrade these?



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      Gareth EdmondsonGareth Edmondson

      Hi @Adam H – the answer was a simple one. We have replaced the cable on the board for a serial one. Whilst USB is not working, the Serial connection is. So – Windows 1909 is working fine with this board as long as you use a serial cable.

      Hope this helps other people.


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      Gareth EdmondsonGareth Edmondson

      Hi Adam,

      Here are the answers:

      • ActivBoard
      • PRM-AB2-01
      • Wasn’t working with Windows 10 1909 and following various paths on this board that said we needed a latest firmware to get it to work with Beta drivers.
      • Driver of the software is: 5.18.19 – latest download (64 bit) – again as advised by all notes online.

      Strange thing is – other boards of this type are working in Windows 1909

      Same thing in our Maths dept – some legacy boards work with Windows 10 1909 and others do not (see other post).

      Thanks for reaching out.


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      Gareth EdmondsonGareth Edmondson

      Here is some board information:

      The board is USB
      Firmware is reported as V2.63 Build 0
      Driver Version is
      ID is 1
      The serial number field does not show.
      The software driver on the W7 machine shows 5.8.19 which is the latest

      Taking the board off the wall tells me:

      Model Number/Product Code: PRM-AB1-01
      Serial Number: [Removed by Promethean]

      Internet firmware update tells me there is no update available. Is there a file that would help?



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