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      Joe ParkJoe Park

      In our environment, we wait for at least 8 weeks before applying updates.  The last two Promethean put out for our Nickel panels had some nasty bugs.

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      Joe ParkJoe Park

      We have this issue at our school.  The issue is the way our wifi network is set up; we don’t allow clients on the wifi to communicate with each other.  Many schools have this issue.

      We have found that it does work in the Promethean Screen Share app for iOS and Windows devices. It does not work for our student chromebooks.

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      Joe ParkJoe Park

      We have Nickel ActivPanels.  We have two solutions:

      1. If you are duplicating or displaying your computer’s screen, you can open a Flipchart and use the ‘desktop annotate’ tool.  This will show annotations you make over whatever is on your screen.

      If you want to share from any of the built in apps or apps you download to an ActivPanel:

      1. Download Google Meet on the panel itself. It’s available in the Google Play store.
      2. Start the Meet on your computer.
      3. Join the Meet using the app on your board.
      4. Share the screen, and now the annotations on the board
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      Joe ParkJoe Park

      Well, glad to see it worked like it should.  Looks like I owe some candy to a bunch of people.


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      Joe ParkJoe Park

      Hi Kerrie,

      We have the same setup at our school.

      If you use the ‘Desktop Annotate’ feature in ActivInspire, the annotations will show up for your Zoom learners as well.

      Here’s the procedure:

      1. Open up your slides.
      2. Open ActivInspire, make a new flipchart.
      3. Choose the ‘Desktop Annotate’ tool.
      4. Annotate away!
      5. When done, tap the ‘Desktop Annotate’ tool again to return to the flipchart.
      6. Close the flipchart, don’t save.
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      Joe ParkJoe Park

      Hi Adam,

      Check out this thread:

      It’s a widespread issue:  Any computers running windows 1903 or higher has MAJOR issues with second gen and 300 series boards.  To see what version of windows you are running, type ‘winver’ into the Windows search bar and hit enter.  Hope this helps!


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      Joe ParkJoe Park

      So today:

      • Uninstalled and reinstalled the latest ActivDriver
      • Connected to the board with a USB cable > 3m.
      • Used a laptop with all updates and Windows 1903 with USB 2.0.

      Got this result with our ABV378PRO, Serial C0912310354:

      • Flame went through it’s color routine and ended on white.
      • Pen does not work; When touching the board, flame turns blue.  Mouse cursor does not move.
      • I am unable to try to do the firmware update again; in ActivManager, there is no information about the connection to the board other than USB in the ‘Connection’ column.

      Two days ago, I did do the firmware update in article 1779, but it was over a 16ft USB cable with a booster.   After the firmware update, that’s when our issues started.

      I went through all the steps in the 1779 article re: selecting ‘tablet’ in ActivManager.

      I went through the steps for changing the Windows Tablet PC settings with no success; the pen did not work for the calibration screen that popped up during these steps.


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      Joe ParkJoe Park

      I tried the 378pro again with a USB cable that was shorter than 3m.  Same result.  However, I was running a laptop with the latest version of ActivDriver, but it was Windows 1803!  🙁

      I haven’t gotten a chance to get that board hooked up to an 1903 Windows laptop yet.

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      Joe ParkJoe Park

      I have the same exact issue as well with the 378Pro.

      Caveat:  I did do the update over a USB cable that was longer than 3m and was connected to a USB booster.

      The board had been working fine in Windows 1803.  Promethean tech support suggested connecting to the board with a computer using a USB cable 3m or shorter.  Haven’t tried it yet, but I will post the result when I do.

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      Joe ParkJoe Park

      We are experiencing the same issue.  Can you provide a download of the previous version of ActivInspire that does not include this bug?  Thank you.

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      Joe ParkJoe Park

      I am unable to view the firmware version; there is no information in the ActivManager window other that ‘USB’ under the ‘Connections’ column.  Also, the board takes around 7 minutes to connect to ActivManager, but even then the connection info just says ‘USB’ under the ‘Connections’ column.

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