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      Troy GTroy G

      “NB: The creation and use of the admin.ini should only be carried out by network administrators. If you are unsure if this is required for your particular setup, please contact your network administrator for advice in the first instance, or Promethean Technical Support.”

      What teacher is a network administrator? How often do they actually do things for teachers (at my school)?

      Unfortunately, this isn’t a solution that will be solved by someone who just needs to use the computer and get work done…

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      Troy GTroy G

      “We cannot really recommend using an older version, although if it works much better I could understand why you would want to.”

      Well, in my situation at work, I’m using version 2.18.68238. There are no updates available. This is the Japanese version. The only way to update on the school computers is through Check for updates…

      In addition, I would like to continue to voice my displeasure at a loading time of around 5 minutes, the inability to reduce the size of the page browser on the left (we used to be able to do this and hide information from the students) and that GIGANTIC CLASS FLOW BUTTON/BANNER that takes up so much space, is never used and can’t be removed.

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      Troy GTroy G

      Please add another 25 of my co-workers who won’t take the time to post on these boards but ALL HATE the size of the classflow button and don’t use it.

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      Troy GTroy G

      Better late than never would be appropriate, but I have another issue.

      I went through the steps of downloading version 2.22. I tried to install over top of my already working installation of ActivInspire. After installing the “update” the software DOESN’T WORK. I restarted my computer, tried installing again. I tried starting the software from a project file and also from the ActivInspire icon. Nothing. I now have to revert.

      I would like to caution all users in this thread NOT to download version 2.22 if you don’t have time to revert or troubleshoot. It did not go smoothly for me.

      Computer: Windows 10, 64bit

      User: Frustrated with your software (as usual)

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      Troy GTroy G

      Revisiting a 6 year old request to remove the useless Classflow Connect banner.

      To add an option to hide this button would take a programmer under an hour.

      There isn’t a good reason to refuse this request, especially if it enhances the user experience for many users, but this seems like the typical way the software is developed.

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      Troy GTroy G

      Adding my voice to the absolute frustration of this.

      BEFORE: Could resize the Resource Browser to around 5% of the size of the width of the screen, on the left.

      Use case: When using the software, standing at the front of the class, the teacher could see the information, but the students would really be able to see the information from where they are sitting (at their desks).

      NOW: The Resource Browser takes up more screen space and we lose the functionality to hid information from the students.

      NOW: minimum screen space takes about about 20% of my screen and I can’t resize it down. I can resize it up to about 40% of my screen (which is absolutely useless).

      Frankly, this “improvement” absolutely sucks.

      Software version:
      Promethean ActivInspire Professional Edition version 2.18.68238 Promethean Ltd.

      The update check was successful. You currently have the latest version for your language.

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      Troy GTroy G

      I just wanted to check in and continue to voice my displeasure with the lack of taking this thread seriously by the developers. As someone who uses the software every day at work, it’s annoying as F%#^!

      Also annoying, is how we can’t resize the browser anymore so it is barely on the screen. Now, I can resize it between 20% and 40% of my screen. I used to be able to resize it to about 5-10% on my screen on the left side, but that functionality was taken away.

      Since I’m ranting, I dislike that I can’t see animated .gif thumbnails in the Resource browser.

      I also dislike the boiler plate,

      “Please be aware that when we raise an enhancement request, this is essentially a request for the change to be considered by our development team. There is therefore no guarantee that the request will eventually be implemented.”

      This is false. It’s not an enhancement request, because the pop-up feature was ADDED, and it wasn’t an enhancement. Basically the developers CHANGED the functionality for the worse and didn’t provide an option to revert or setting to have it not show. What software ADDS something that pop-ups up OTHER THAN ADVERTISEMENTS.

      It’s more of a FIX THE DEV FAILURE request.

      This whole experience has been a total FAIL.

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      Troy GTroy G


      Please understand that this is not an issue that we are aware of or can recreate on our end. Please provide us more details regarding your issue and we can assist further.

      1. What operating system are you using?
      Windows 10 x64, Intel Core i5-6200U, 8 GB RAM

      2. Do all ActivInspire versions have the same issue?
      I won’t install ActivInspire_v2.18.68238_AppOnly_setup on another computer because of issues I have with the computer at my desk. Why would I?

      3. Aside from freezing, are you getting any errors?
      Freezing. I also get excuses about development on a year old thread and inaction.

      Please note that the browser can be resized from all sides if you un dock it from the side and have it “floating”. It can be resized and then pinned back to your desired location by dragging it back to the side.

      This is completely wrong. I can’t resize it, docked left or float like I could before I updated.

      While there is not a way to change the size of the folders and content of the resource browser itself, you are able to change the icon sizes at the top of the browser if this helps any. To do this, go to File > Settings and click on the Layout tab. From there you can change the icon size to your liking. There is an open enhancement request submitted to our developers suggestion to allow the text and folder size to be adjustable.

      Again, this is incorrect. I folders got BIGGER in the last update. Changing the icon sizes does not make the folders smaller. The folder sizes got BIGGER with the last update.

      We do appreciate your patience in these matters when it comes to suggestions and when they may be implemented.

      How much patience is required? Universal complaints from this thread 1 year ago, for something the developers added and didn’t give the option to hide or remove that made the user experience worse.

      We hope you find this information helpful.

      It wasn’t because some of the information was incorrect and the same excuses continue.

      I hope this response comes off as blunt and annoyed, because that is how I feel.


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      Troy GTroy G

      I’m continuing to post into this blackhole of a forum to pretend that your software developers actually care for their users.

      I just updated to ActivInspire_v2.18.68238_AppOnly_setup

      I will be reverting back to a previous version. The version I was using was ActivInspire_v2.16.67968_AppOnly_setup

      1. Dashboard pop-up still exists. (almost a year in)

      2. Edit > Questions on Current Page (Ctrl + Shift + Q) freezes my work laptop.

      3. I can’t resize the browser which I usually have docked on the left side. I can resize to the right to make it bigger, but I CAN’T resize to the left to make it slimmer. THIS IS A PROBLEM. Why take away this functionality???

      4. The folders inside the Resource browser are now HUGE compared to before.

      I usually wouldn’t be so direct to criticise because my hope is for the development team to actually think about the users and fix things, however I’ve lost hope in both the speed of answering complaints and fixing things. I’m sorry, but you have failed.

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      Troy GTroy G

      Hello. Today is December 11, 2019. I use ActivInspire every day. I, like many other users that have teken the time to post in this thread, continue to be annoyed EVERY DAY. This thread was started on August 1, 2019 at 2:00 am.

      >>The Software updates are scheduled to specific time-frames and usually happen twice a year, so that is where the several months will come from.

      Unfortunately, this is a poor excuse and shows a lack of understanding. Disabling the dashboard at startup is NOT a difficult, complicated, labour intensive or time-consuming programming chore. Insinuating things don’t get fixed/changed unless they happen to catch a bi-yearly update window in the schedule is insulting and not really an honest answer.

      This issue has been a customer/user fail. But the bigger fail has been by the inaction taken by the programming team.

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      Troy GTroy G

      Has there been any progress on this ANNOYING addition to the software?

      Every user has posted that they don’t like it in this thread. The original complaint was on August 1st. We are nearing November 1st in a couple of weeks.

      While no expert in software development, I know that making the new feature “optional” or at least “no on by default” is NOT a difficult coding chore. Honestly, it’s probably a before lunchtime project on any given day.

      Frankly, as someone that uses the software EVERY day, the pop-up/change to how it was completely SUCKS. The lack of action by the development team sucks even more.

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      Troy GTroy G

      Hello. I would also like to request to have the Dashboard pop-up disabled ASAP. It is very, very, very annoying. Please let the user determine how to use the software. I don’t mind having to push the blue rocket ship button, but forcing the pop-up by default, which wasn’t the default behaviour before, was a poor choice for the user. Not being able to disable it is a poor choice by the software designers.

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      Troy GTroy G

      Thanks. But I have to use what’s on the computers at my school. I just dislike how “upgrades” downgrade functionality.

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